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July 7, 2020 

Union Kain - Black Dawn - EP Review 

Union Kain are a hard rocking outfit from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and were formed in 2017, the guts release new EP Black Dawn which I will be reviewing today. 

Battles Within - Crunchy riffed guitar with a killer shred for starters before we get thundering double bass drum kicks with a power snare hit, there are plundering bass chords with a heavy laden funky groove that takes control of the rhythm section and guides us towards power shredding with a killer solo of high octane hooks with a monster pick up that just flows smoothly through the power crunching track, vocals are a power gritty melodic tone that has a real deep grunge feel to it, the arrangement is a thundering riffed spectacle that is dirty and powerful with maximum grooves with the bass line. 

Black Dawn - Pounding snare drum comes at us and has a power bass drum punch to get this growling track underway, vocals come at us and they have a gravelly throaty grungy vibe that combines well with a riffed rhythm section that is delivering power driven chords with soul and power, bass chords are working their way through this melodic power track and have full on heavy vibed funky grooves that are incredible, solo is a stonker as it gives us uptempo chords with a hook and harmonies that go incredibly well with a killer shredding for good measure. 

Lake Of Fire - Pounding bass drums come at us and they have a shredding guitar chord for company, the snare drum enters the frey and sends out power crunches that mix well with the double bass drum kicks that hold the bass chords in good stead as they plunder away with a cool deep funking groove that sits proudly amongst the power riffed guitars with a real depth and heat to them, vocals have that power gritty edge to them and this combines the vocal power and shredding prowess to mould it together. 

Persistence - Power shredding with a pounding percussion section come at us with a furious gritty beat, the punchy snare kicks are fantastic and these bind well with a killer double bass drum kick that is just mesmerising to listen to, the furious guitar chords are shining through as they deliver a power chorded solo with hooks, shredding riffs and a harmony that just works, vocals have a fantastic powering growl to them that makes the track groovier and grittier. 

Plan B -Punchy bass and snare drum combo to kick off this thundering beast as we have a shredding riff to keep us company, the bass chords are pounding in and give us a funky groove that just spread itself all over the track, the powering percussion section works well with a solo of exquisite workmanship and this combines well with powerhouse vocal tone that has a rocking vibe with a melodic tone attached to it, crazy rocking gritty riffed monster. 

The Master - Pounding bass drums with a gritty riffed intro that works, bass chords are a real treat as they deliver funking bass grooves with a real darkness to them, vocals are a grungy vibe with a killer deep melodic vibe that fit the arrangement so well, there is a killer solo with multiple chords and a hook with a change up and a mighty pick up that just oozes class as it stomps all over this power monster tune. 

Waiting For The World To End - Shredding beast of a riffed intro with a thundering rhythm section that combines the whole musicality of riffs, shred, hooks and killer beats from an engine room with a real attitude, bass is stamping all over this beast of a tune with heavy cool grooves that will be at home anywhere, there is a climbing guitar chorded groove that makes the track sing even more and this lends itself to powering grungy rocking vocals that fit right into this electrifying monster. 

Your Own Kind - Pounding percussion section with an array of cymbal hits, snare punches and killer double bass drum smashes that are fantastic, there is a shredding power chord that is commanding the rhythm section as it burrows it's way through this real power laden beast of a tune, the solo comes in and it hands out riffed chords with attitude and heart which flow seamlessly without a care in the world, the vocal tones come in and have a real power deep grungy tinge to them that keeps the track on course for destruction. 

Review By Darren McIntyre